Tinubu Temporarily Suspends N-Power, School Feeding and Additional Programs

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President Bola Tinubu took decisive action on Friday by suspending all Social Investment Programmes (SIP) under the oversight of the National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA).

The suspension was confirmed by Segun Imohiosen, the Director of Information at the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, in an official statement. This move by the President is attributed to the “ongoing investigation of alleged malfeasance in the management of the agency and its programmes.”

Imohiosen elaborated, stating, “All four programmes administered by NSIPA, viz; N-Power Programme, Conditional Cash Transfer Programme, Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme, and Home Grown School Feeding Programme have been suspended for a period of six weeks in the first instance.”

President Tinubu expressed significant concerns about operational lapses and improprieties related to payments made to beneficiaries of the programs. In response to these concerns, he has set up a ministerial panel tasked with conducting a thorough review of the agency’s operations and recommending essential reforms for NSIPA.

Throughout this suspension period, all NSIPA-related activities, encompassing distributions, events, payments, collaborations, and registrations, are frozen. This bold step reflects the commitment to ensuring transparency, accountability, and the proper management of social investment initiatives for the benefit of the Nigerian people.

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