Speedy Darlington Criticizes Mohbad for Not Standing Up Against Marlians

In a recent live video, controversial social media sensation Speedy Darlington stirred the pot once again by making bold claims about the late music artist, Mohbad.

Speedy Darlington, known for his outspoken nature, didn’t mince words when he stated that Mohbad was a “weakling” for not fighting off the Marlians.

This comes in the wake of the complicated relationship between Mohbad and the Marlians that lingered on till his death.

Recall that the difficult history between Mohbad and the Marlians dates back to 2022. Mohbad had once been a part of the Marlians record label. However, a series of disagreements led to his departure from the label, which ultimately became a legal battle over the ownership of some of his songs.

Since his unfortunate passing, speculations have circulated in the industry, suggesting that Naira Marley, may have had some involvement in Mohbad’s untimely death.

Further complicating matters, a viral video on social media has showcased a physical harassment by an aide to Naira Marley named Sam Larry to Mohbad.

The incident raised questions about whether this altercation was connected to the ongoing feud between Mohbad and the Marlians. Mohbad himself had openly spoken about being harassed and bullied by the Marlians’ team.

Speedy Darlington’s recent comments expresses his disappointment in Mohbad. He believes that he should have fought back when he was alive. Drawing from his own experiences, Speedy recounted an incident where he confronted five individuals and left one with a disfigured face.

According to Speedy, people always love to bully those they perceive as weaker, and he believes that Mohbad should have shown more resistance.

Some Netizens have however slammed him for his insensitive comment during a difficult time.

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