“Pay the balance of 4.5 million naira you’re owing” Blessing Okoro drags Singer Davido

This afternoon, Blessing Okoro brought Davido into the spotlight with a claim that he owes a significant sum of 4.5 million Naira to an undisclosed individual.

The unfolding drama began as Blessing Okoro engaged with Very Darkman, a controversial media figure known for his often outspoken opinions. Notably, the ongoing online clashes between Blessing Okoro and Very Darkman have drawn attention in recent days, with both figures exchanging heated words.

The situation took an unexpected turn when Davido was seen hosting Very Darkman at a hotel, their photos suggesting a seemingly friendly interaction. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Blessing Okoro openly called out Davido regarding his alleged financial debt. Her allegation centers around the purchase of a white Venza car, which is currently under the ownership of Davido’s associate, Israel. According to Blessing Okoro, this vehicle was obtained on credit, and an outstanding balance of 4.5 million Naira has remained unpaid for an astonishing four years.

Blessing Okoro didn’t restrict her comments solely to financial matters; she also voiced her observations about what she perceives as a culture of pretense and “fake” lifestyles in Lagos.

However, Blessing Okoro was forthright in singling out Davido. Despite his celebrity status and substantial wealth, she believes that he should not evade his financial responsibilities. She went on to assert that the person who sold the car to him is genuinely in need of the owed money.

In her closing statements, Blessing Okoro extended her best wishes to Davido, his new twins, and his family, even amidst the heated exchange. This controversy follows recent allegations made by Abu Salam, who accused Davido of owing him a substantial 218 million Naira. The attention garnered by Abu Salam’s accusations prompted others to come forward, claiming that Davido owes them money as well. Among this chorus of claimants is Sam Clare, a musical artist.

Davido, for now, has chosen to remain silent in response to these allegations.

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