No Will or Thumb-Printed Document Exists”: Mohbad’s Management Refutes Father’s Claims, Releases Public Service Announcement (PSA)

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The management of the late singer Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has refuted claims made by his father, Joseph Aloba, regarding the existence of a will.

On Mohbad’s official Instagram page, the management clarified that there is no will or thumb-printed document in existence, urging Mohbad’s father and others to refrain from spreading false and misleading information.

In a press release, the management provided an update on the ongoing investigation, noting that the police authorities have initiated the process and communicated the autopsy results, which were sent abroad for analysis. However, the release cautioned that it would take several months before the results are shared.

The statement further revealed that all of Mohbad’s accounts were placed under a Post No Debit order on September 12, 2023, and this order remains in effect. Upon resolution of the internal dispute, control of these accounts will be transferred to the family.

The management emphasized, “No members of Mohbad’s management or his Lawyer have communicated the existence of a will or any such thumb-printed document (as has recently been FALSELY reported) to any member of the family or the public.” It also highlighted that if such a document existed, it would have been registered with the Probate Registry, urging everyone to refrain from spreading false information.

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