Kennywhite4rew Unveils Inspiring EP “One With OLORUN”

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Ogunsuyi Kehinde David, widely known as Kennywhite4rew, has just unveiled his latest musical endeavor, an EP titled “One With OLORUN.” Hailing from Ondo State, this distinguished gospel musician brings a unique blend of faith and technical expertise to the forefront of his artistry.


The EP comprises four soul-enriching songs, each carrying a distinct message of faith and praise. The tracks include:

2. OLORUN ALAGBARA ft Elizavocat
3. Tunwase Ft Fem Keys
4. Good And Kind

Kennywhite4rew’s collaboration with talented artists like BBO, Elizavocat, and Fem Keys adds a dynamic layer to his music, creating a harmonious fusion of voices in worship.

kennywhite4rew elizavocat bbo one with olorun

Roots in Winners Chapel: A Spiritual Foundation

Minister Kehinde David’s musical journey took root in 2016, guided by the teachings of Winners Chapel. His unwavering commitment to spreading messages of faith and hope is evident in the powerful lyrics and melodies that characterize his work. This EP, “One With OLORUN,” is a testament to his dedication to uplifting spirits through the transformative power of music.

A Harmonious Fusion of Faith and Expertise

Studying Computer Science at the National Open University of Nigeria, Minister Kehinde David seamlessly integrates his technical knowledge with his divine musical gift. The result is a symphony that not only resonates with audiences on a spiritual level but also showcases a mastery of the technical intricacies of music production.

Streaming Now: Experience the Divine Melodies

Kennywhite4rew’s EP is now available for streaming on all major music platforms. Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring tunes that encapsulate a journey of faith, hope, and divine connection. Whether you’re a fan of gospel music or simply appreciate the beauty of well-crafted melodies, “One With OLORUN” is an EP that transcends boundaries and speaks to the heart.

As we embark on this musical journey with Kennywhite4rew, may the melodies uplift your spirit and bring you closer to the divine presence embedded in each note. Experience the fusion of faith and expertise that defines this distinguished gospel musician’s latest offering.

Click here to download and listen for free.

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