“It might be a good idea to start offering apologies” Samklef tells Davido

In recent news, Samklef appears to have ended his feud with Davido. In his latest social media post, he called on Davido to start making amends and apologize to those he’s allegedly wronged. Samklef pointed out that Davido had once publicly insulted his uncle, Daily Momodou, because of a financial dispute. He also accused Davido of accepting money from the NFF chairman while continuing to taunt and belittle the elderly man.

Furthermore, Samklef claimed that Davido had insulted him directly on his social media page and through private messages, all because Samklef had shared a post about twins. According to Samklef, these incidents illustrate that Davido lacks basic dignity and is beyond reasonable criticism. He labeled Davido as a privileged individual, possibly owing a substantial amount, estimated at nearly 400 million Naira or more, as more individuals have come forward with similar claims.

Samklef made it clear that he manages his finances responsibly, doesn’t borrow money from others, and doesn’t misuse his influence. Nevertheless, he expressed bewilderment at why he is the one receiving criticism, even as he addresses the issue of Davido’s alleged debts and his failure to repay them.

In recent days, a slew of allegations against Davido has surfaced, primarily related to his outstanding debts to various individuals. Firstly, Abu Salam claimed that Davido owed him a staggering 218 million Naira and was reluctant to settle the debt. Blessing CEO followed suit, revealing that Davido owed a businessman named IVD 4.5 million Naira. Dami Crane also came forward, stating that Davido owed him money that had not been repaid.

Notably, these accusers provided evidence to support their claims, suggesting that Davido may not have fulfilled his financial obligations. Consequently, Samklef has advised Davido to consider offering apologies as a means of reparation for the alleged wrongs.

However, it’s important to note that not all netizens are in agreement. Some believe that Davido may not be guilty of all the accusations against him and, therefore, may not see the necessity for him to offer an apology.

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