“Groovy and Uriel have finally come clean, admitting that their relationship was nothing but a stunt, designed for an assignment.”

In a recent turn of events, Groovy and Uriel have made a surprising confession regarding their relationship. They revealed that what appeared to be a budding romance between them was actually a meticulously planned PR stunt.

During an interview conducted by Uriel, both Groovy and Uriel openly admitted that their affectionate interactions and romantic displays were far from genuine. They disclosed that the entire relationship dynamic was orchestrated as part of an assignment.

This revelation comes on the heels of relationship speculations that began a few days ago when viral videos and images showed them passionately kissing inside a car outside a club, leading many to believe that a romantic connection had formed between them.

However, Uriel faced criticism for her actions on the same night when she was seen in a compromising position with actor Timini, which raised questions about her interactions with multiple men, including Very Dark Man, during a live video session.

Uriel has gained notoriety for her preference for younger men, a preference she expressed during her time on Big Brother Nigel All Stars. Even after leaving the show, she continued to express her admiration for Neo, a fellow contestant significantly younger than her, which led to speculation about her romantic preferences.

In the face of criticism and speculations surrounding her love life, Uriel passionately defended herself, arguing that love should not be constrained by age boundaries. She emphasized her pursuit of happiness as her primary goal.

However, Groovy and Uriel surprised everyone by releasing a video a few hours ago, playfully revealing that their relationship drama was entirely fabricated. They confirmed that their supposed romantic connection, including the kiss captured on camera, was intentionally staged by the production team. With this confession, they have put an end to the speculations surrounding their relationship.

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