Afrobeat Star Terry G Announces Retirement from Music, Citing Unsuccessful Career

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In a recent Instagram video, popular Afrobeat singer Terry G revealed that he has made the decision to quit the music industry. Acknowledging his musical journey, he explained that, despite the efforts, the career path wasn’t proving successful for him, leading him to step back.

Just a week prior to this announcement, Terry G had reached out to his industry colleagues, seeking assistance to advance his musical career. However, he expressed disappointment that no one in the music industry had extended support since his downturn.

Interestingly, a few days after his plea for help, a video surfaced featuring Terry G dancing with a stripper, raising questions about the sincerity of his appeal. This prompted some netizens to question whether he had truly moved on or if the cry for help was genuine.

Adding another layer to his recent life changes, Terry G shared last December that he had successfully quit smoking for 100 days. This accomplishment garnered congratulations from Nigerians and netizens, celebrating his commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

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